Tim Aldridge

Corporate Director of Children’s Services

Children and young people directorate

Tim is accountable to  for the delivery if safe and effective services, with his portfolio including social care, youth offending and school improvements.  

I fully endorse the objectives of the Education4Change programme. This is a much-needed initiative to bring into sharp focus the history and context surrounding the experiences of oppression and discrimination for people from black, Asian and minority groups. This constructive, and affirming approach is refreshing, necessary and feels like a very current response to wider social movements.

Peter Gibb

Head of Access & Infrastructure

Sue Imbriano

Interim Director of Education

Dani Wade

Head of Commissioning Education and Skills at London Borough of Newham

Message from Sue Imbriano, Dani Wade and Peter Gibb on behalf of Newham Council:

The impacts of racism and inequality are real – they have been so for decades and centuries. The signs of this inequality are all around us, both in the very important developments over recent months expressed through social protest and the Black Lives Matter movement, but also in the structural, subtle and systemic ways in which equality and opportunity are not divided and allocated equally in our society.

The Council has developed an ambitious and proactive programme of work that exemplifies equality, opportunity and progress.  We are delighted that Education4Change is driving forward the work with schools and the Education Senior Leadership Team commits to working closely with Education4Change to ensure real progress is delivered for our children and young people, and staff in our schools.